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"...essentially focused on restoration and 'fit-out' projects that we can do best...!"

The progressive build up of our organizational competencies, its internal capabilities to adapt to technological changes in the light of current market imperatives, and the growing resource strength greatly shape Benstone as a reliable  and sought-after service provider in the building stone industry...

Action Wall

'Top-of-the-line' Residences

Strict adherence to architectural design, technical specifications, and quality requirements - 

  • Proper stone material selections, calibrated cutting & fabrications, right installation

  • Remedial repairs, restorative works, retrofitting, rehabilitation

  • Appropriate preventive care and maintenance measures

  • 'Fit out' and straight forward civil works

High Rise Commercial Buildings

Proficiency in remediation and mitigating actions to fix surface abrasions, loss of shine, staining or discoloration, physical-mechanical breakdown due to human-induced damages..

  • Specialized cleaning and stain removal, regrouting, crack repairs, refinishing

  • Dismantling of damaged tiles and replacements, correcting adhesion failures, surface deterioration, gaps in routine maintenance

  • wall cladding, execution of intricately designed counter tops, 'book-matched' stones and patterns

  • Post-installation protective measures and preventive maintenace procedures


Five-Star Hotels & Exclusive Resorts

Well-equipped to institute curative interventions that will fully address 'wear and tear' due to usage, material vulnerabilites, extended exposures to aggresive agents in the environment ( such as pollutants, climate change, biological attacks, human-induced damages...)

  • Rectifications to restore aesthetic, functionality, stability and strength of material

  • Reducing cost from regular maintenance, replacements, rehabilitation

  • Ensuring compliance to building code as to safety issues, repairs and maintenance schedules, applicable hazardous conditions

  • Enhancing marketability of building space or the whole structure

Stone Diagnostic Profiling

Stone Diagnostic Profiling

Identifying with certainty what causes the problem, further revalidation through 'mock up' and actual on-site tests

Fabrication, Installation and 'Fit Out'

Fabrication, Installation and 'Fit Out'

Adopting the latest techniques in elaborate shaping, stone installation, and undertaking peripheral 'fit out' civil works to make interior surfaces more suitable for the occupant

Remediation and Mitigating Actions

Remediation and Mitigating Actions

Focusing on eradicating the causal factors of the problem, or minimizing the subsequent damage through timely intervention...

Stone Maintenance Chemicals

Stone Maintenance Chemicals

Distributing Faber products, a world renowned brand for stone curative treatment,  cleaning, and preventive maintenance to prolong the stone's most desirable state of condition

Corrective Repairs and Restorative Works



Corrective Repairs and Restorative Works

Primarily instituting mechanical or manual procedures to restore the desired aesthetic appearance of the stone while extending its serviceability in the long term

Stone Materials, Tools and Equipments

Stone Materials, Tools and Equipments

Supplying well-screened stone materials in compliance with architectural design and quality specification, selected tools and equipment for required maintenance cleaning, curative treatment and routine mitigation measures.

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Post-sales support services encompasses future periodic inspection, and technical advice on any necessary re-impregnation or resealing, rehabilitation, preservation, repair strategies, or stabilization efforts needed to mitigate the onset of structural failures, 'natural ageing', deterioration, and other emerging degenerative changes on previously installed stones...

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