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  • Why is it that my stone has now lost its original shine, color and aesthetic value ?

    All materials, building stones included, have 'wear and tear' or natural ageing due to constant exposures to corrosive and degradation factors in the environment (e.g. climate change,  pollution, biological agents), not to mention the human factors involved, (such as foot traffic, usage, negligent care and maintenance procedures, faulty installation, construction, or design features); Likewise, building stones have  inherent peculiarities making  them vulnerable to 'dirt pick up', water absorption, staining, and mechanical breakdown (i.e. permeability, surface texture, mineral and chemical properties, among others...);

  • What will happen if I do not promptly seek professional help to institute the necessary remediation or mitigating measures?

    "...Prolonged manifestations of distress, failures or notable deterioration on installed stones, if left unattended, have adverse effects on aesthetic value or stone's desirable appearance, as well as diminished functionality or  serviceability... Moreover, their possible impact on stability and strength  can pose some risks or hazards to people. Expectedly, added cost is incurred  in  any future maintenance , replacements or rehabilitation efforts..."; On certain occasion, inaction may correspondingly reduce the marketability of the building space, and, worse, it may also be considered a non-compliance to particular local ordinances or applicable building code..."

  • How should I proceed with solving the problems on my installed or yet to be installed building stone ?

    "...It is strongly advised to immediately contact your Benstone Specialist, (or a very reliable Service Provider, well knowledgeable and highly experienced on all aspects of building stones),  to personally assist in instituting the necessary interventions, rectifications, or installation procedures to fully satisfy your expected outcome, matched with a very competitive cost..."

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