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Benstone Builders & Supplies Corporation is currently looking for qualified candidates to join Benstone Family:


At least secondary school graduates or higher, preferably with relevant experience and desired competency, (or if lacking and inadequate), must be 'trainable' on  hard surfaces care and preventive maintenance, repair procedures, including stone fabrications and installation; Preferred skills and field of expertise shall include, among others, the following:

  •  Proficiency, particularly on the use of cleaning tools and equipment (ex. floor machines, industrial vacuums, power tools, etc) among other applicable 'hard skills' on stones restorative works, repairs, and installation; Or holder of Cert. in Housekeeping NC-II from any of TESDA -accredited training schools/centers, or had completed at least 430 relevant training hours;
  •  Willingness and with right attitude to learn work-related knowledge and other 'soft skills' needed to accomplish assigned tasks;
  •  With  security clearances (NBI, Police), and in  good physical  health  to be deployed in any working environment within or outside Metro Manila;

Technical Support Engineers, SOC Ref. : TSED3112-02 ( 3-5 vacancies )

'Must have completed Civil Engineering or related Bachelor's degree, with 1-5 years of relevant experiences on preferred field of specialization; Working under the supervision of Chief Engineer of Technical Services and Engineering Division, TSED, the qualification requires  skills or expertise on -

  • providing technical advice to other functional units/departments/sections on  technical investigations of process, procedures and systems, surveys of project sites, reviews of drafts and construction plans/lay-out/specifications, analysis of bids, cost, risks and failures, among other related functions;
  • assuming position than can 'cross field'  (or 'multi-incumbent') to include tasks involving project management, and/or sales and marketing functions;

Accounting Staff, SOC Ref.: ADF4122-08 (1 Vacancy)

At least an associate degree in business or accounting or higher (completed courses on related field of specialization); with minimum 1-2 years of experience in prefered field of finance or accounting; Working under the supervision of Chief Finance Officer, Administrative and Finance Division, the successful candidate job includes -

  • verifying accuracy of invoices and other accounting documents or records;
  • updating and maintaining of accounting journals, ledgers and other records;
  • detailing financial transactions (e.g. disbursements, expense vouchers, receipts, accounts payables, etc);
  • extends administrative and clerical support to Sales and Marketing Division, as well as other Divisions on sales transactions, etc.

Cost Estimator, SOC Ref.: TSED2411-05 ( 1 vacancy)

'Must have completed a Bachelor's Degree on either Finance, Business Administration, or Economics, with at least 1-3 years of relevant experience in prefered field of specialization. Working under Chief Engineer of Technical Services and Engineering Division (TSED), the succesful candidates job shall include -

  • preparing cost and work completion estimates for projects;
  • analyzing blue prints and other documentation to prepare time, cost, materials and labor estimates;
  • assessment of cost effectiveness of projects, services or products, tracking actual costs relative to the bids as the project develops;
  • regular consultations with engineering functions on project related issues and concerns of any functional/business units;

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"...Included in our corporate action plan deployment initiatives is a 'competency-based people  strategy',  a compelling element in boosting  further our business infrastructure. Competency framework encompasses sound recruitment and selection, training and development, and management of performance, rewards, and career  of our employees in the long term. Being made aware of career growth opportunities and security of tenure, each member of Benstone family, thus, internalizes a 'deeper engagement' to serve our customers better , ..!"

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